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Our RealRyder Indoor Cycling bikes offer a total body workout.  Designed to mimic a real road bike, you'll tilt, turn and lean throughout your ride to tone your core, arms and shoulders as you work your legs.  This "unstationary" experience is proven to burn 20% more calories than traditional indoor cycling.


The indoor cycling classes feature heart pumping music (sometimes music videos, candle light or in the dark) high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training.


With our bikes we provide functional fitness with the freedom to move from side to side.  Making each ride more challenging than the standard stationary bike.  

ReFocus your mind

ReTrain your body

ReExamine your goals

Redefine your life


HiReformance Institute

Challenge yourself to a 45 Minute, 60 Minute, and 90 Minute Class set to energetic music in dimly lit rooms with highly motivating instructors.

Every class is set to an amazing sound track that's created to inspire, motivate and challenge you to push past your limitations.  From Artist vs Artist, HIT Rides, Specific Genre, Top Hits, Total Request and more...

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