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The HiReformance Method

Welcome to the HiReformance Institute, where fitness meets excellence! Our studio is dedicated to providing a transformative fitness experience like no other. With a wide range of offerings including indoor cycling, Pilates, and Xformer, we have everything you need to elevate your fitness journey to new heights.

Step into our state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio and get ready to pedal your way to a stronger, leaner, and more energized body. Our expert instructors will guide you through exhilarating rides, helping you torch calories, boost cardiovascular endurance, and strengthen your lower body.

If you're looking to improve your core strength, flexibility, and overall body control, our Pilates classes are here to deliver remarkable results. With a focus on precise movements and controlled exercises, you'll sculpt and tone your muscles, enhance your posture, and increase your mind-body connection.

For a truly unique and challenging workout experience, our Xformer classes are a must-try. Utilizing the innovative Xformer machine, you'll engage multiple muscle groups, improve stability, and enhance your functional fitness. Whether you're targeting your inner thighs, strengthening your core, or building overall strength, our Xformer classes will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished. 

Reform your BODY. Reform your MIND. Reform your LIFE. Feel the HRIFIT.

We are located in Jacksonville, FL off of Atlantic Blvd and San Pablo Rd in the Village Shoppes of San Pablo in the Walmart Neighborhood Store and Daily's Plaza.

Questions? Give us call at 904.404.6552

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