We have a mix of yoga from Deep Release, Functional,  Kripalu, Power Flow, Vinyasa, Yin and more...

No matter which class you venture into Yoga is for all.  The use of modifications, props is always welcome and encouraged when needed.


Yoga Class
Pilates Stretches
Iyengar Yoga

Deep Release

This class is an accessible class that everyone needs.  From Athletes, advanced practitioners, weekend warriors, first time yoga students and everyone in between.  We focus on stretching, relaxing, lengthening and reducing tension throughout the body


This is an interplay of body, mind and energy.  Within the physical body is a subtle flow of rhythmic, energy pulsations that we call prana, or life force.  Even the most insignificant thought can disturb or block this flow of energy, creating imbalance or even disease.  Every act of the body is invariably accompanied and strongly influenced by mental and emotional conditions, the awareness of which forms the more subtle aspect of the practice which includes physical postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation and meditation.


A therapeutic movement class using mats, wall ropes, chairs, and unique small props. Perfect for those who prefer a mat based practice with limited weight bearing on hands as well as those returning post injury or with a special condition. In addition to yoga, the class also includes ideas and movement concepts from Pilates and the Franklin Method.

Power Flow

A powerful vinyasa flow class, you will breathe, focus, move, stretch and balance.  This is a heat building practice that allows you to move with your breath while building strength and working on your core.


Beginning with a gentle vinyasa flow, this class will slowly progress to challenging postures and will end with great morning or end of day stretches!

Expect to move with your breath and focus your attention: this well balanced flow class will get you out of your head and into your body and your breath.