Gettng Ready to work out


Unsure what you need for class?  We'll help you prep for success.

Pilates is done in your bare feet.  However, so clients like to wear toesox.  If you don't own a pair we sell a variety of styles at the studio.  If you have wrist issues we sell WAGS (gloves that provide wrist and hand support).

Cycling can be done in your tennis shoes or if you have bike shoes you will need the SPD cleats in order to clip in.

We would recommend bringing water, but we do have a water fountain and sell bottles of water if needed.

We have towels on site 

We have two restrooms

We have two private shower rooms, so you can clean up before you leave.

We also offer Nitro Brew Coffee and Kombucha (flavor varies)

When it is your first time visiting the studio for any class please arrive 10 minutes early, so we can get you ready and setup for the workout.

Feel the Hi.