The first step to a great workout is ensuring that your equipment is set up for success.



Before and during your Pilates class, our instructors will set up each reformer with the proper tension for each movement.  However, become familiar with the equipment around you, as you'll be asked to use the ropes, extender pads, fitness circle and toning balls throughout the workouts.

Reform your body.  Reform your mind. Reform your life



Our bike seats and handle bars are both adjustable so you can raise or lower to your comfort level.  Each bike is equipped with a computer that shows RPM's so you know what speed you should be pacing at.  Our bikes turn and we have several different types of turns that we can take to work the upper body and core.  We have 6 different hand positions that we use throughout our rides. Unsure where your bike settings should be, how to read the computer, what the hand positions are, or how to turn the bike?  Your instructor will be happy to help and we will guide you through your ride!  

Feel the Hi



When you arrive to your body sculpt class, the instructor will have the equipment laid out for your use, so just come in ready to sweat!  We will demonstrate and give a brief description on each workout and modifications so you can perform the exercises properly and safely get maximum results without injury


Institute a toned body. Institute a happier mind. Institute a healthier life. Institute a new you  



You're welcome to use our mats (but they are not traditional yoga mats), or bring your own!  Our mats are hanging on the wall, so when you get to class, just grab one if you need to and find a comfortable spot to relax and let the tension lift away.  We also have two sizes of yoga blocks and yoga straps to help with modifications.

ReFocus your mind. ReTrain your body. ReExamine your goals. ReDefine your life