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"You are 1% better than you were yesterday."

Turning injury into opportunity is what Jared does best.  In 2011, after Jared herniated disc C3, C4, C5, L4, L5 and S1 which cased nerve damage, Jared turned to Pilates.  Pilates allowed him to rehabilitate his back while continuing to stay in shape and avoiding surgery.  Then in 2016, Jared experienced his worst injury yet; bulging, herniated discs C2-C7 which caused loss of strength in his left arm for six months and numbness in his thumb, index finger, arm, shoulder and back.  Plus, he also ruptured his L5 which caused his toes to go numb and his calves, glutes and piriformis muscles to cramp up.  Once again, Jared turned to Pilates to rehab his injuries while avoiding the need for surgery.  Now, Jared uses his experience and expertise to help others who are living with injuries or working hard to avoid them.  

Jared's own HI-Reformer (High Intensity Mat/ Reformer and Athletic Conditioning classes are exclusive to Power Pilates Plus- they transform posture, core strength, joint mobility and mind-body connection.  All of his Pilates programs are centered on holistic maintenance of a healthy body- they are rehabilitative, yet they test strength and endurance.  


Jared provides the highest quality instruction to:

- Athletes and non-athletes who consider movement and integral part of every day.

- NFL and Professional athletes maintaining extraordinary levels of physical performance

- Individuals suffering from pre and post natal challenges, nerve and musculoskeletal injuries and more.

At HiReformance Institute, Jared has also established 2 athletic-centered offerings, unique to Jacksonville:

- REAL RYDER Indoor Cycling:  Fun and functional bikes that have transformed the stationary cycling experience.  Jared started the first private Real Ryder classes in Jacksonville, FL for those looking for a revolutionary ride with bikes that encourage good form and pedal mechanics and have the ability to turn and engage the entire body.

- Reflexive Performance Reset or RPR:  After experiencing strength and range of motion improvements for himself in just one session, Jared was sold on the athletic transformation through the touch of the hand.  The benefits of this new kind of performance reset to athletes and non athletes alike are endless.


STOTT PILATES Advanced Mat, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Reformer and Cadillac with special training in Athletic Conditioning, Bosu Ball, Jumpboard, Pre and Post-natal, Strength and Conditioning Pilates.  Created HI-REFORM (a high intensity training or high intensity circuit training with Pilates and functional movements that will produce results with lower risk of injury and impact on the body), REAL RYDER Level 1, Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level 1 and 2.

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